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Lindsay & Matthew || Central Park || Manhattan Anniversary Photographer

For some reason this fall, I had a lot of clients who were visiting New York City to celebrate their anniversaries from all over the world and wanted to have a portrait session to commemorate the occasion. For a two week period in September, I was shooting anniversary session after anniversary session and it was so fantastic! I think there is so much emphasis on professional engagement photos and professional wedding photos, but I think it’s nice to continue to have professional photos taken every few years even after you’re married. Actually… especially after you’re married. I think it’s important to take that time to focus solely on your partner again and continue to document your love and relationship through the years. (And yes, I am taking my own advice, and John and I will hopefully be hopping in front of the camera again ourselves this spring!)

Lindsay & Matthew were one of my awesome anniversary couples, and I had THE BEST afternoon with them. They were visiting from Canada, and this trip to New York City was something these two had been planning and dreaming of for a while. We wandered through Central Park, Midtown, and ended the afternoon at the always stunning Lincoln Center. They were both so easy to work with and relaxed in front of the camera. I loved getting to know them both and showing off some of my favorite places in the city to them.




these kids look like rock stars! love them.
and i totally 100% agree about getting professional photographs taken every few years. it’s a little indulgence, but it’s a nice thing to have. and they make great gifts…

one of these day, katie jane, one of these days….

These are just STUNNING!!!! Oh my goodness.