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I’ve been complaining lately that it doesn’t feel Christmas-y enough around here, what with the unseasonably warm weather. But to be honest, when I’ve been photographing, I’ve been sort of grateful for the warmer than normal weather. I shot a wedding on Friday and it was about 60 degrees, and I think we were all pretty happy about that at the time. Well… yesterday I paid for my complaining. It got cold. It got REAL cold. It was about 25 degrees when I left for yesterday’s portrait session, but said it felt like 12 degrees. I had given Rita the option to reschedule when I realized just how frigid it was, but they said they thought they could handle it, and so off we went… first to the High Line, then to Grand Central Station to warm up, and back out in the cold to Lincoln Center to finish the day.

And I think the best way to describe this absolutely amazing couple is that they are troopers. They were dedicated to getting the photographs they wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and a little cold and wind wasn’t going to stop them from rocking out their fabulousness… and oh man… were they fabulous. They had style, an abundance of love for each other, and maybe most importantly… a fantastic sense of humor. I don’t think this is a portrait session that they will ever forget!

Here is just a brief sneak peek – I can’t wait to share them all, because the gorgeousness to come will BLOW YOUR MIND! Rita & Neil – I had such a wonderful time hanging out with you two yesterday – thank you for your patience and good humor. Have an incredible anniversary!




Oh my goodness… GORGEOUS!!! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Those photographs are amazing! You would never guess that it was that cold yesterday. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that your subjects are so lovely.