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The New and Improved Katie Jane Photography!

Welcome to my brand new, gorgeous website and blog! I am so excited to officially launch this thing out into the universe today! This project has been on my mind since the beginning of the year, and finally began to come into fruition in August when I hired the amazing Super Runaway. I talked to several designers this year about taking on the project, but it was Super Runaway who really understood what I wanted, even when I couldn’t completely articulate it myself. Liz listened to me, let me change my mind about what I wanted, and made sure I was totally happy with everything at the end – even letting me make one final change literally at the last minute, just before they handed it off. They are also just genuinely nice people – well, I never got to talk to Jeff, but I imagine that he is super awesome – and they even have a cat named Boo Radley, just like us. So obviously they are super cool. I really can’t thank them enough for the time and effort they put into the new site and blog, and for not reaching across the country and punching me in the face when I waffled about stuff or took ages to get back to them because I was mulling things over. I’m hoping to build a personal site next year for my fine art and commercial work, and Super Runaway will be the first people I contact about making that happen when it’s time. Thank you, Liz & Jeff!

The other person that I owe a GIANT thank you to is my dear husband, John. He installed the new site for me, fixed all my links, made sure I didn’t lose anything in the transition, saved my slideshows when I thought I had accidentally taken them offline forever, and gave me hugs when I got stressed out. (Marrying an engineer has really saved me a lot of money!) John is an all around stellar human being with the patience of a saint. I know I drive him crazy with my incessant computer and web questions, and the fact that after he explains something to me, I generally say, “And now explain it in English please…” has to be incredibly annoying. I shared this project with John every step of the way, and he was there to give me his honest opinion on every aspect, helping when I would get so lost in the details that I couldn’t see the big picture anymore. Thank you, John. xo

I have one more thank you, and that goes out to my awesome APW ladies. So many of them gave me their opinion when I needed an outsider to look at the new site. I wanted to know what one would be immediately drawn to, what was working, what wasn’t – and a bunch of you took the time to look at it, share your thoughts, and let me bounce ideas off you. I appreciate that SO much, and I am so incredibly grateful to you all for lending an ear when I needed it.

Okay, now that I’ve accurately expressed my gratitude, I can actually talk about the site! Woohoo! So what’s different? What’s new? What’s what? What can you expect from Katie Jane Photography?

As you’ll recall, I used to have a flash portfolio site through Showit, and a separate blog. I designed both of these myself (yikes), and pretty much hated them from the beginning because they just didn’t feel like me or my business at all. I needed to get rid of the flash, and I needed everything to be on one cohesive site. I also wanted the site to have a sweet, handmade, vintage feel. (Because that’s what elopements feel like to me.) So now takes you to my new homepage, and from there you can navigate to my galleries, blog, pricing… etc. It’s much simpler, much cleaner, and you can actually view it on your iPhone or iPad now!

There are still a few tweaks to be made. The galleries are still a little sparse – I’m going through to pick out my favorite images from this year, so slowly the galleries will grow to showcase my work more thoroughly. I also recently had new headshots taken, so once I get those back, I’ll update the “about” section of the site with an updated bio and photographs.

Having this project complete is one giant thing off my plate. I’ve been holding back on blogging a little bit because I wanted to wait until this was up and running. So I should actually be going back to a schedule of blogging once or twice a day, as opposed to twice a week. I have so many weddings, elopements, and portrait sessions I’ve been sitting on, because I wanted to wait for the new site, and I can’t wait for you to see them.

I feel like I’m getting a little bit of a new beginning here. New site, new year (almost), new Katie Jane Photography. I fully admit I have been juggling way too much this year, and some things (ahem… emails) have totally fallen by the wayside at times while I focused on shooting, editing, shipping, album design… etc. I really want a fresh start. I want to stop working until 5am… I want to get to my emails within 24 hours… I want to blog at least once a day… I want to take more personal photographs and have more time for my actual life. (I have been a LOUSY friend this year. And probably a lousy wife at times too.) I am a one woman show over here… and sometimes that is so awesome… and sometimes that is so incredibly hard. And I need to get a handle on it or I am going to burn myself out very quickly. I’m ready for a fresh start, and there’s no better time than right now.

2012 will be my third year as a full time photographer. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. Three years. If I’m being totally honest, when I quit my job in 2009 to do this full time, I was fully expecting to be back at a 9 to 5 job by 2010. But somehow I found my niche, I started creating things that people actually loved, and my business has flourished. And that is because of YOU. Every single one of YOU. So the final thank you goes to my incredible clients – you let me into the most personal moments of your lives, and you trust me to document them in a beautiful and authentic way. You have been my cheerleaders, and so many of you have become my friends. As I started to go through my weddings from this year to pick out photographs for my galleries, I began to get really teary, recalling all those moments, all those people who have enriched my life so much this year. My last wedding of 2011 is December 30th, and it will be wedding number 45 of the year! FORTY-FIVE couples trusted me to capture their wedding this year. It suddenly felt very heavy as I looked at wedding after wedding. That responsibility. The trust. And I need you all to know what that has meant to me. How much you all mean to me. And what your faith has meant to the success of my little one woman business. I get to get up everyday to do what I love because of YOU. And there are not enough thank yous in the world to make you understand how grateful I am. My worst week as a photographer… working 100 hours, staying up until 5am… it’s a thousand times better than the best week at my old 9 to 5. Thank you for your support, your patience, your referrals, your cards and gifts, your hugs, your kindness, your trust, your open hearts. I have the best clients in the world.

SO. Now that I’ve sufficiently embarrassed myself with my proclamations of love for you all, I hope you’ll take some time to look around, get a feel for the new site. Any feedback is welcome – and if you find a link that’s not working, please shoot me an email, so we can get that fixed! I still need to create a new Call to Action for the bottom of my blog posts, and there are a few sections and photographs to add here and there, but… this is pretty much it. And I hope you love it as much as I do!

Annnnd… come back later this afternoon for an awesome giveaway I’ll be having to celebrate the launch of the new site!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!! And I am so excited for you!!! :-) xoxoxoxo

wooo so happy for you it looks beautiful!

Congratulations, Katie Jane! It looks FABULOUS!

Katie Jane! this new site is gorgeous. so happy for you! :) also I love that you have a link to your pinterest as part of your “follow me” links.