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The Theia Project Sneak Peek || NYC Fine Art Photographer

Remember a few months ago when I started asking for volunteers to help with a personal project? You guys came out in droves. It was crazy how many of you wanted to be a part of this thing, and I cannot explain how much that meant to me! I’ve been showcasing bits and pieces of the Theia Project on my personal blog, but I wanted to share some of the photographs over here too. I’m not even halfway done with the project – and in the spring, I’ll be photographing everyone whose date was rained out – but it’s really coming along nicely, and I’m proud of the work. (Everyone who participated will be getting a copy of their print when the project is totally complete.)

It should be noted that these photographs are minimally edited in Photoshop – the rainbows, the flare, the illusion that some of the models are floating – all of that is created in camera – NOT with photoshop after the fact. Isn’t photography magical?

MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has participated thus far! (I ended up with 3-5 photographs that I loved of each person that participated, but I haven’t yet completed them all. So if you don’t see yourself, or you only see one photograph of yourself – there are more to come, and I promise you’ll see them all soon!)

(Thank you Lauren, Elizabeth, Ang, Amber, and Meg! xo!)