Well… we did it! We actually decorated our Christmas tree last night – can you believe it?! I bought whoopie pies, we opened a bottle of wine, and Christmas tunes spilled forth from Pandora. It was my first real bit of Christmas cheer. Boo Radley was quite interested in helping decorate – or batting the lights around, pretending to decorate. Olive could not have cared less, even when I dangled decorations right in front of her. She just blinked up at me, “Yeah, that’s a snowflake, so what?”

(“I’m Olive, and I don’t celebrate Christmas.”)


It’s still a little warmer than normal here – we need some snow in New York City STAT. If I wanted a mild Christmas, I would go back to the South. Unacceptable, universe! Unacceptable! And Weather.com assures us that we will not have a white Christmas. Whomp whomp.

(Yes… my husband is a giant and I am a shorty – to give you some perspective: our tree is a little over five feet tall.)


At least our stockings are hung, our tree is decorated, and most of the Christmas shopping is done thanks to the magic of the internet. And plans for ice skating and Rockefeller Center Christmas tree viewing are in the works. Only ten more days to soak up that Christmas goodness!

(Boo Radley aka Satan’s Cat. Look at those crazy eyes. Decorating was too much excitement for her.)