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In May, John and I are taking a trip we’ve been wanting to take for years. Since we first met, really. We’re going to Hawaii for ten days – Maui and Lanai specifically. It’s only January, but I’m counting down the days. John and I have a serious travel bug – something that drew me to him to begin with. In John, I found a kindred travel spirit. Someone who wants to see the world as much as I do… who’ll pretty much go anywhere. Someone who doesn’t laugh when I suggest we go to Iceland and float in the blue lagoon. “Ok, add it to the list. Let’s go next year.” For someone who has an incredible fear of flying, it’s strange that my favorite things to buy are plane tickets.

One of the reasons I wanted to start my own business is so I could travel whenever I felt like it. Last year was the first year I really took advantage of that – I spent so many hours on planes and trains… crossing the country or skirting up and down the coast. A lot of that was for work (big thank you to all my clients who ask me to travel for their weddings – you have no idea how much I love it) – but whenever I found myself traveling somewhere that wasn’t for work, all I could think was, “Man… I wish I could do a portrait session here.” And really… there’s no reason I can’t do a portrait session when I travel. So I’m adding it to the list of things I want to do in 2012: one portrait session per trip.

How does this benefit you? Well… if you live in one of the places I’m visiting this year, I won’t charge any travel fees (obviously – I’ll already be there), and I’ll give you 10% off your portrait session. Engagements, anniversary sessions, headshots, or just because sessions… I’m up for anything. I’m calling these my On the Road Portrait Sessions, and I’ll keep a list under Investment of the places I’m going this year, as I book my trips.

So if you live in one of these places, and are around during the dates I’ll be there, let me know! Let’s create some incredible portraits together!

Las Vegas: February 18th to 22nd (The Neon Boneyard is calling my name.)

Maui & Lanai, Hawaii: May 12th to 22nd

Salt Lake City, Utah: June 24th or 25th (I’m shooting a wedding the 23rd outside of SLC, but I’d like to shoot a portrait session actually in Salt Lake City afterward.)

San Francisco, California: Dates TBD (I know we’ll be back again this year, but I’m not quite sure when yet. Keep an eye out.)

Wilmington, North Carolina: Dates TBD (My hometown! Possibly March or October. Have to nail down dates.)

 (Taken out of the window of the train from Rome to Florence, Italy.)