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Greetings from Vegas! || New York City Elopement Photographer

Today is my third day in Las Vegas, although it kind of feels like it’s been a week already. Vegas is a very bizarre place – both fascinating and slightly horrifying. Oh the things I have seen, my friends. You just can’t unsee them. I can’t even describe what Vegas is like – there’s nothing to compare it to. I find myself thinking – I hate this place, and then five minutes later thinking… I love this place. The people watching is top notch – better than NYC people watching, and that is saying something. It’s a bit of a freak show, a carnival… a giant amusement park. Okay in small doses, but quickly wearing you down. I think I may be doing Vegas wrong since I’ve been in bed by midnight every night so far. One thing is for sure: come tomorrow night, I will be happy to hop on that red eye and head home.

A brief rundown, with a much longer recap to come once I’m home:

  • My WPPI classes have been fantastic so far. I really feel like I’m going home with an amazing new perspective on my business and full of ideas to take this elopement thing I’m doing to the next level.
  • I am rooming with Emily, Christy, and Allison – awesome fellow APW sponsors – and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I feel like I have spent the last couple days just nerding out – talking about photography and business – and laughing. Oh, so much laughing. These are three of the funniest ladies ever.
  • Saturday night we were walking back to our room – I told my roommates to go on ahead, because I wanted to grab a bottle of water. When I arrived at the room five minutes behind them, I found out that they had all met TONY DANZA in the elevator ride up! I was so sad. Lesson: Don’t split up from the group!
  • I walked the trade show floor a little bit today, and was so incredibly impressed with the people at Richard Photo Lab. Huge thank you to Brian for taking the time to listen to me, encourage me in my business, and share how they can help me reach my goals. I am so excited to start giving them my business!!

Much more to come, now I have to run out to class!





LOVE the photos! I can imagine it’s a bit over the top (to say the least). Sounds like you’re really enjoying the classes and I’m so glad. I can’t wait to hear all about it (and read all about it!).