I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport with about two and a half hours to kill before my flight. My roomies are long gone, and I’m the last one here. Alone, exhausted, overwhelmed with ideas and information, and more than a little emotional from it all. (I have cried at least four times today – twice because I was so moved by photography and the amazing things Justin & Mary continue to do for our community, once because I miss my husband and cats so much I can’t even stand it, and once because I had to say goodbye to Emily, Christy, and Allison. I’m sorry… I’m very sensitive sometimes.) It’s been an amazing four days, and WPPI absolutely lived up to my expectations and then some. An in depth post on WPPI and everything it meant to me is coming on Monday – once I’ve had some time to fully absorb it all – but today I wanted to share the experience of attending Justin & Mary’s Sunrise Shootout.

This morning about 20 of us met Justin & Mary at 6AM (!!!) for a little mini workshop on lighting and posing in the courtyard of the MGM Signature. (This meant Allison, Christy, and I had to get up at 5am. After three hours of sleep. And you wonder why I’m weepy today…) The super gorgeous Liz & Ryan were our models, and they absolutely rocked it out in every way.

It’s funny – I’ve been to Spread the Love twice, Walk Through a Wedding once, and had a mentoring session with Justin & Mary. You’d think it would get to a point where I’m Justin & Mary-ed out – but every time I hear them speak or meet with them, I get something new out of it. Today we learned how to bring beautiful, organic emotion out in every single photograph in a simple and fun way. I cannot wait to use these new techniques at my next wedding on Friday. I really cannot thank Justin & Mary for being such genuine, giving people. They support our community in so many ways, and I am not just in awe of their work, but their huge hearts as well.

The Sunrise Shootout was one of the highlights of WPPI for me, and definitely worth the 5am wake up call. Here are a few images from the morning. How bananas is this light?! Holy wow, it was gorgeous.

Next stop… NEW YORK CITY, BABY! Wish me good flying luck. I can’t wait to give John a giant kiss!




  1. Christy
    Feb 22, 2012

    Holy GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to look at my images from the shoot! :)

  2. Kandise
    Feb 23, 2012

    Gorgeous!! This was such a phenomenal session.