In case you haven’t noticed… we’re not really having winter here this year. Apparently. (If it waits until April to get cold and snowy, I will not be pleased.) We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning, but it’s all gone now and the temperature is headed back up. I actually like winter and I love snow. (I was raised in the South, so snow is still such a treat for me. Even after last winter when we had mountains of it. I just can’t get over it.) But I have to say – no winter this year has been really nice, photography wise. Aside from one bitterly cold portrait session in December, it’s been very mild for all my elopements and portraits – and compared to last year when I came home a solid block of ice after most of my shoots – I’ll take it. I’m happy and my cameras are very happy – they do not like cold at all.

Stephanie & Dan were married on one of those very mild winter days. They came prepared for the worst – wait until you see Stephanie’s GORGEOUS fake fur coat – and it ended up being a beautiful day. We started the day at the Eventi Hotel where Stephanie and her sister had their hair and make up done. I met Dan and Stephanie’s brother-in-law downstairs, and we found a beautiful spot in the hotel for a First Look. And then we were off to City Hall!

This elopement had such a glamorous, old Hollywood feel. From Stephanie’s dress and hair to Dan’s suit and shoes – they were just an absolutely stunning couple. After the ceremony, we made stops for portraits at the Brooklyn Bridge, a fire house (Dan is a fireman in London!), and finally Central Park. I could not have had more fun – this couple and their family were so incredibly sweet, full of laughter, and laid back.

Part of their wedding was already featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs last week, and I’m thrilled to share the rest of it here today! Stephanie & Dan – thank you for everything. You guys are amazing.

Ceremony Venue: Manhattan Marriage Bureau  //  Make-up: Anni Bruno of NYC Faces  //  Hair: Sissi Chan  //  Dress: Reiss  //  Shoes: LK Bennett  //  Suit: T.M. Lewin

Shot with: D700  //  24 1.4  //  50 1.4

Post production: VSCO Film –> Fuji 800Z- & Faded++ (my standard formula, for those that have been asking)  //  my own personal action I created to give each image a final color pop  //  Kubota Magic Sharp





  1. Amber, theAmber Show
    Feb 09, 2012

    Love these so much. I’m considering VSCO – we are the youngest photographers that remember film, I think, and that might help. When we play cameras next week, can you bring your 24mm? I want to snuggle with it.

  2. Carl Jones
    Sep 26, 2012

    Luv the pics, the overall look is awesome! Good to see a fellow D700 user as well!
    I think I’ll be investing in VSCO, it looks like something that will finally give me the look I’m after!