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Viva Las Vegas || NYC Elopement Photographer

In about nineteen hours I will be on a plane bound for Las Vegas and WPPI. (I have to get up at 3:30am tomorrow morning. Not totally sure why I’m bothering to go to bed tonight.) Needless to say, I’ve been something of a lunatic this week – trying to wrap up projects before I’m gone for five days, making lists, packing, laundry, planning… I don’t know why I’m getting so worked up about this trip.

Actually… that’s not true. I do know why I’m getting worked up. I will be meeting some amazing photographers who I have spent the last year and a half getting to know through emails and Twitter, but have never met in person. I am going to be taking classes and workshops from some photographers who I have long admired. I’m going to be surrounded by people who are clearly awesome at what they do – which is more than a little intimidating. It’s a lot to process. I also have found if I obsess about what’s going to happen when I get to Las Vegas – I’ll obsess less about the fact I have to get on a six hour flight to get there.

We’ve been through this before. I am not a good flyer. I am a really bad flyer – especially alone. I often opt for eight hour train rides instead of one hour flights back to North Carolina to visit my family. And yet I am obsessed with traveling and seeing the world. My life would be infinitely easier if I were just content to stay home all the time. Or… if I could just get over this flying thing. I’ve prepared distractions… the last half of Mockingjay – which I’ve been saving just for this; old Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant/Karl Pilkington podcasts, because no one makes me laugh harder than Karl Pilkington; the obligatory trashy magazine or two; and luckily JetBlue has TVs if all else fails. (Although, truth be told, I keep my JetBlue TV on the flight map at all times – y’know… just to make sure we’re still in the air or something. I clearly have serious problems.)

I’m not sure what the internet situation will be or if I’ll have time to blog, but I do intend to at least try. I’m really excited to share photographs and experiences with you. I’ve never been to Las Vegas before, and I’m bringing my 24 1.4 lens to make sure I capture it in all its glory. Vegas just screams wide angle, I think. Wish me good flying luck, and hopefully I’ll be checking in this week to share all my adventures with you! (And if you’re going to WPPI and you see me walking around, please say HI!!)





WOOT!!!! =D

With family who worked for airlines, I’ve always flown … and I leave my flight map up the entire time, too. I don’t know why, but it’s comforting.

Mockingjay should carry you … I COULD NOT put that second half down!

Have fun at WPPI! Eat some In N Out and stop by Fat Tuesdays (if drinking is your thing!) … you won’t regret it!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And omg how could you SAVE part of the hunger games?! I could not put them down for a second! Can’t wait to meet you :-D

Karl Pilkington will take your mind off flying, love that guy! (Have you ever seen Ricky/Stephen/Karl’s Idiot Abroad series on the Science Channel? Hysterical.) Have a great trip and an amazing time!

Yay! I’m impressed you managed to save Mockingjay for this!