I use so many different social media platforms (as I guess we all do these days), that I thought it was high time I actually do a round up of all the places you can find me hanging out online. Feel free to follow or add me on any of these sites!

FACEBOOK  ::  I have both a personal and professional Facebook page. Clients are more than welcome to add my personal page, and I’ll be happy to tag your photographs on there after your wedding.

TWITTER  ::  Twitter is definitely my favorite social networking site. I love the conversations I have with people on there, and a lot of my clients seem to be very active on there as well, which is awesome. If you want to get to know me on a personal level, my Twitter is definitely the way to do it.

PINTEREST  ::  The place to see everything that inspires me. I love following my clients on here as well. It gives me such a great sense of who they are and what their style is like.

INSTAGRAM  ::  Instagram is the window into my world. I always have my iPhone with me, and it’s through Instagram that I document my day to day life. My user name on Instagram is KatieJanePhoto.

What is your social media platform of choice? Do you use different sites for different things? Do you have a seriously awesome Instagram feed that I should follow? Let me know in the comments!





  1. Tricia
    Mar 20, 2012

    I now officially feel like a stalker :)