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John and I usually tack on mini vacations to the end of work trips. (See: every trip we take to the west coast ever.) But the next ten days are not even remotely related to work, and neither of us will be doing any. Tomorrow we are off to Maui and Lanai, Hawaii for ten glorious days. We have been planning this trip for a year, and it still doesn’t feel real to me. I plan to do a lot of laying on the beach, reading, swimming in the ocean, and having lots of hangout time with my husband, since when I get back I will barely see him for the next few months. Wedding season has begun! (Speaking of my husband… you should really wish him a lot of luck since he has to spend 14 hours on a plane with me tomorrow. I’m sure he’s really excited about that.)

I’ll be catching up on all my emails this afternoon and clearing out my inbox. Anything that comes in after tomorrow, you’ll get a reply after May 23rd, when we’re back. I plan on coming home totally relaxed (and hopefully not sunburned) and ready to take on wedding season! See you in ten days! xo





Enjoy your work free vacay! I’m sure it will be all kinds of wonderful!