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I have a bunch of random things in my head today, which individually are each not enough to warrant their own blog posts, so they’re going to all be lumped together, stream of consciousness style.

During yesterday’s elopement we saw a GIANT raccoon meandering across one of the paths on the east side of Central Park. Instead of thinking it was cute, I was sort of freaked out that it was out during the day and my immediate reaction was, “Oh my gosh, that thing probably has rabies. We better get out of here.” Even the tiniest bit of nature seems to freak me out. I am a city girl through and through.

I just discovered, and it may be one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I always listen to podcasts (faves: This American Life, Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Stuff Mom Never Told You) or NPR while I work – I like to hear talking instead of music most of the time for whatever reason. I didn’t think I’d like audio books, but all my podcasts are always plugging Audible. I finally gave in because I’ll pretty much do anything Ira Glass tells me to, apparently. I’m so glad I did! I don’t think I’d want to listen to non-fiction – I think I still prefer to actually read novels – but for histories/biographies… it’s fantastic. I am completely obsessed. It makes work fly by.

I am ten short days away from our first big, totally non-work related vacation since our honeymoon, and I could not be more excited. I am going to completely unplug and not think about work at all for twelve glorious days. We’ve been so busy this year, though, that we haven’t made any plans for our trip aside from booking flights/hotels. So, what should we do in Maui and Lanai? Where is your favorite place to eat? Favorite beach? Taking all suggestions, because we’re clueless. (Also lining up some guest posts for while I’m away – so if you’re a client that wants to do a guest post about eloping, email me!)

We did the NYC MS Walk this past Sunday, and I want to thank everyone who contributed and made this year such a success! It was a beautiful day and we raised a lot of money with your help. This cause is a really big deal to me, so thank you to everyone for supporting us year after year!

I’m looking for some new interior design blogs – what’s your favorite? (Thanks to everyone who tweeted suggestions the other day – lots of good stuff!)

And my life in the last week in Instagram photos:

(1. We went to a Knicks game last Wednesday, and they actually won!  2. Out my kitchen window on a foggy night.  3. The space shuttle flew by my apartment last Friday, and I went up to watch it from my roof. Once a Space Camp nerd, always a Space Camp nerd.  4. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge during the MS Walk.  5. Olive’s silhouette.  6. Boo Radley)






Wait, you are also a Space Camp nerd?! Me too!

Yes! That’s so awesome that you went too! I went to the one in Florida two summers in a row. I was kind of obsessed with space. I think I was there the summers of ’95 and ’96, although it could have been ’94 and ’95. Somewhere around there.

Your life looks so fun. I’ve never been a big NYC girl (SO many people!) – but you make it look so tempting!!!! :)

I am completely obsessed with audible. Last year most of my weddings were at least an hour away from home, so I would plug my phone into my car’s speakers and listen to The Hunger Games trilogy. And then I discovered the audio version of Middlesex and never turned back. It’s the best $20 I spend each month.