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Hawaii: The Instagram Photos || Maui & Lanai || Destination Elopement Photographer

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen these already. I am kind of an Instagram addict, and it gets really bad when I travel. So I wanted to share my favorite Instagrams from our trip to Hawaii. If you don’t yet follow me on Instragram, feel free too! My username is @katiejanephoto.

(Top Row: I won the trivia challenge on the flight to LA!  ||  Storms over New Mexico  ||  LAX  —  Middle Row: Mai Tais on the flight to Maui  ||  Me & John  ||  Sunset over the Pacific  —   Bottom Row: Good morning, Maui  ||  Looking toward Lanai  ||  First sunset on Maui)


(Top Row: Banyan tree in Lahaina  ||  Shave Ice!  ||  Looking toward Lanai from Lahaina  —  Middle Row: Luau  ||  Relaxing  ||  Black sand beach in Hana  —  Bottom Row: Driving back to Kaanapali after the Road to Hana  ||  Ferry to Lanai  ||  View from our room in Lanai)


(Top Row: Relaxing on Lanai  ||  Sunset on Lanai  ||  Trail on Lanai  —  Middle Row: Leaving Lanai  ||  Lanai City  ||  Sunset back on Maui  —  Bottom Row: Up at 5am to go snorkeling at that little island – Molokini  ||  Early morning  ||  The boat to Molokini)


(From left: Feral cats everywhere  ||  Seahorse at the aquarium  ||  Baby turtle  ||  Driving back to the airport)






I love all the pics but the Trivia challenge winner photo made me burst out laughing. That’s just so funny that they had a trivia challenge on the flight :D I ‘m super jealous of the baby turtle pictures. One day. One day.

Ooooh pretty palm trees, pineapple drinks, shave ice, turtles..I love it all!