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Pizza & Pellegrino

Friday night John and I sat on our terrace, talking about how our weeks went, what we had coming up. It’s a Friday night ritual lately. We drink beers and watch the sunset, and just sit together. I divulged that I was pretty nervous for my wedding the next day – my first big one since November. “What if I’ve forgotten how to do this?” John laughed at me, “Katie. You’re just going to rock that thing out.” We talked about the coming months and all the big ideas I had for the business. “I want to do this, and I want to do that…” and after every sentence, John would nod his head. You can definitely do that, that’s a great idea…

After dinner, I pulled out my flash. “I want to try something with my flash, can I practice on you?” I asked. He sweetly obliged, sitting in the dark while I fiddled with my flash, and trying a new technique I read about. Blinding my poor husband in the process. He just smiled and rolled with it.

The next day I shot Lisa & Eric’s wedding, and he was right. I didn’t forget how to do it. And in fact came away with some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken, I think. It was almost 1am when I got home, and John was waiting up for me. “Open the fridge!” he said. I did and found he had gone out and bought me two slices of pizza and two bottles of Pellegrino (an expensive addiction of mine that John has a hard time understanding – “why do you need bubbles in your water?!” he constantly asks.) “I knew you’d come home starving,” he said. He was so right.

Standing in my kitchen at 1am, completely wiped out from an amazing day, I was so overwhelmed with how much I love my husband, and how integral he is to any of the success I’ve ever had since I’ve known him. How incredibly lucky I am to have this cheerleader, this built in support system. This person who never minds listening to me talk about my business and what I want to do with it – even though I ramble on about it constantly. This person who lets me practice new photography techniques on him, even though flashing lights drive him bananas. This person who waits up for me after a long day, and surprises me with pizza and Pellegrino, even though he thinks sparkling water is a crazy thing to spend money on. Thank you, John. For everything.


You have such a wonderful partnership. I love reading about it! <3

This totally made me tear up. It is a special kind of guy that can sit and listen to photography business talk all day!!! (Trust me, I know! haha) We definitely need to all get together SOME DAY! I feel like he and James are cut from the same cloth! Love it.

John, you totally rock. From another frazzled wedding photographer who has a supportive husband just like you, I want to give you and all other supportive partners a high-five and commend you on being so awesome.

Aww, you’ve definitely got a keeper! Love this!