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Keep Breathing || NYC Elopement Photographer

The last few weeks have been kind of insane – new house, family in town, house guests, starting our giant renovation, a chest cold I haven’t been able to shake for a month, elopements, portrait shoots, and editing. Oh the editing. July was supposed to be my quiet month – and in terms of weddings, compared to June, it was. But a lot of life happened this month, and today I feel like I’m fighting so hard to catch up, but I keep getting pulled back under again. I’m just… overwhelmed. And exhausted. I’ve had one of those mornings where I look around and wonder – “Why did I think it would be a good idea to run my own business again?” These thoughts are, of course, fleeting. As is the exhaustion, I know. But that’s hard to remember when you’re deep in the trenches of wedding season sometimes.

We’re about halfway through wedding season now, so today I am reminding myself – and you – to just keep breathing. I think I see the light way down at the end of the tunnel somewhere.




  • You’ve got this girl!!

  • Alison

    The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train! You can do it! ::deep breaths::

  • HeatherG

    Oh, I SOO get this. I’m in the final days (hours, really) of turning in my FINAL dissertation document. It feels like hell right now, but, the end is coming. I think these are the times that make us really appreciate little things like sipping coffee on a patio or meeting a friend for lunch–both things I’ve not had the chance to do for a few weeks!

    Hang in there Katie!!