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Roberta & Manuel Sneak Peek! || City Hall || New York City Elopement Photographer

I have had some very international couples before, but Manuel – who is from Colombia – and Roberta – who is from Italy – may take the cake. These two met in Sweden, live in Ireland, and are moving to the US in the fall. As they were telling me their story and all the places they’ve been, I was more than a little jealous of their amazing travels. It seemed very appropriate to me that Manuel & Roberta chose New York City – a city full of people from every country in the world – for the location of their marriage.

We are in the middle of quite a heatwave in New York, so I was incredibly grateful that they decided to get married in the morning today. I met them at their hotel bright and early, and after some portraits, we were off to City Hall! I can’t wait to share all these photographs, because this couple is just too adorable for words, but here’s a small peek. Roberta & Manuel – thank you for everything! I had the best time with you two today! Congratulations!





Those glasses rock. And that bridge shot.

Oh my gosh they are TOO CUTE! Love.

Awww- I love it. These are great.

HER GLASSES. These are so sweet, I love how coordinated they are. :)


How can you not love her style!!

Siete davvero carini… Congratulazioni …speriamo di vedervi presto…dobbiamo brindare ovviamente!,,,, Felice matrimonio. Sonia Mauro Manuel Riccardo


Katie, you just took lovely pictures of my friends! I want to see more!!!


Beautiful photographs. Congratulations.