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Sixty-Six Years

My grandparents were married in my grandma’s parents’ livingroom. If there are photographs of the event, I’ve never seen them. The story of my grandfather proposing to my grandmother after only three dates is legendary in our family; a story I heard over and over throughout my childhood. One that seems even more amazing to me now knowing how cautious my grandfather has been his whole life about everything else. He’s the epitome of slow and steady. But I guess all bets are off when you’re young and in love. (I have a suspicion that my grandfather probably thought John and I were nuts to wait five years before we married.)

Today is my grandparents’ 66th wedding anniversary. They’ve literally been married a lifetime at this point – their anniversary could have grandchildren by now. When I think about all those years stretched behind them, everything they’ve seen and done together, been through together… I find myself speechless. What can you say that even begins to sum up 66 years? Sixty-six years seems completely unfathomable to me. I’m in awe of it, and of them.

Happy anniversary, Granny & Pops. Your marriage is the gold standard, and one John and I will always try to emulate. Love you both so much!





LOVE this!!!

They are beyond adorable!!