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I’ve had a few technical issues with the site this week, hence the lack of blogging for two days. Everything is back up and good to go, and tomorrow I’ll be posting the second installment of my Finding Your Niche series, so stop by for that then if you’ve been waiting all week for the second part. Today, instead, I thought I’d do a little housekeeping, and share some awesome changes that are coming soon to the business.

Direct Downloading of Images & USB Drives

Let’s face it – DVDs are not long for this world. Starting in mid-September, I will no longer be delivering your photographs on DVDs, but will be transitioning to galleries where you can download your photographs directly from the site instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive on your doorstep. However, because I still think giving you a physical product is important, I’ll also be sending you a custom USB Drive with your photographs on them as well. Exactly the same as a DVD, but hopefully the technology will last a little longer. Of course, no matter how your photographs arrive, please please please remember to back them up in multiple locations because accidents can happen. Since my new computer doesn’t even have a DVD drive on it, I knew it was time to make a change, so DVDs are out.

New Packaging

Of course, to go along with these new USB drives, I thought it was time to revamp my packaging, and so starting in mid-November, your products will be arriving in pretty new boxes with all sorts of little surprises tucked away inside! I’m really enjoying putting this together right now, and I will post photographs as soon as all the pieces come together. But something fun to look forward to this fall!

Going Paperless

Also starting this fall (mid-September to early October) – I am getting rid of contracts you have to sign and send back to me, and going totally paperless. I’m setting up a system that will allow you to sign your client agreements online, so no more printing/signing/scanning (or mailing) back to me. I’m really trying to streamline everything, and going paperless is going to be amazing. I can’t wait!

Mentoring Program

And finally – this is the big change that’s coming! In November, I’m going to start a mentoring program for photographers just starting out or anyone who needs a little help with their SEO. I have gone back and forth about hosting a workshop, and after much thought, I think a mentoring program makes much more sense, as I love working with people one on one. You don’t have to be in New York to take advantage of this – we can do your mentoring over Skype if you’re not in the city. I really love teaching, and I think this will be such a fun way to share some things I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be accepting applications in October, and the program will begin in November. It will be limited to two people, because I want to be able to give each photographer a great experience. There will also be no charge at all for the first round of mentorships, as you guys get to be my guinea pigs and help me work out the kinks! So keep an eye on the blog over the next few months if you think you might be interested, and I’ll make a formal announcement (and go into much more detail) when I start accepting applications.

Lots of exciting stuff to look out for this autumn! And because every post needs a picture, here is a photo of John & I that my friend Matt took with my camera last weekend. It’s seriously one of my favorite photographs of us ever. Thanks, Matt!




Dude, I TOTALLY want to be mentored by you on SEO. You’re the master!

I love exciting changes! Now please share your online contract secret because that is something I’ve been wanting to do but can’t seem to figure out!

All of this sounds pretty great!

(I’m bummed that Apple came out with a no-disc-drive-having computer right after I bought 300 branded DVDs though, SIGH!)

1 – Very excited for the next part of the Finding Your Niche series!
2 – As a frequent buyer of photography services, I’ve gotten my photos back all 3 ways (disc, flash drive and digital download) and I think that you’re definitely doing the right thing. The download is so easy and convenient and having the flash drive as a bonus is great.
3 – Mentorship program WHAT?!? I’ve been looking around for something like this so I’ll definitely be applying :)

Oooh, paperless. That sounds great. Please let me know how the contracts thing works out, because I might make that switch!

Ummmm seriously I need to do the USB drive too. I had a couple request I not mail them a DVD because they have no way to get the photos off it because their computer didn’t have a disc drive either! Eeee why am I so bad about changing?! I definitely should switch to USBs… I just have so many CD covers yet to use!! :-\ Also – paperless?! Fill me in! I want in on that!

MENTORSHIP. MENTORSHIP. MENTORSHIP. I love this. And will definitely be applying. :)

I want to be MENTORED!

Okay yes I LOVE doing all digital download of images. I definitely need to do online contracts and please tell me what I need to do to be mentored by you! You are the queen of SEO :-)