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Laura & Paul Married! || Elope in NYC || City Hall Photographer

I photographed Laura & Paul’s lovely City Hall elopement on a rainy, early summer day. Laura & Paul had traveled from the UK to elope in secret – nobody in their families knew they would be getting married on their trip to New York City. I love elopements that are truly a surprise – there’s something so magical about two people just running away together and having a day that’s just about them and their love. These two could not have been sweeter – and Paul in particular was so delightfully nervous. I just adored them both immediately. After their quick City Hall ceremony, we headed out for portraits, and despite a few sprinkles, the clouds gave us the most gorgeous, diffused light to work with. It was just a spectacular day, and I love the photographs we captured together.

Venue: Manhattan Marriage Bureau  ||  Portrait Locations: Brooklyn Bridge, Lincoln Center, Central Park  ||  Hair & Make-up: Sissi Chan



  • Mischasone

    Wow this Really intensified the excited butterflies in my stomach!

  • Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! LOVE. Love the sneaky shots through the doorways, and the reflection on the water, and the black & white with the storm clouds! Beautiful! Also – I want her dress!

  • So much gorgeousness I can’t even pick favorites. Absolutely beautiful Katie!!!

  • Oh Katie, I feel like I sound like a broken record, but your photos are just so VIBRANT! There is so much of a story in each and every picture. The light is stunning and … oh, everything is just perfect!