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Sarah & Matt! || The Catskills || New York Portrait Photographer

I love photographing my friends. If you’re in my inner circle, I will usually insist you get in front of my camera at least once a year. Of course, then it will take me six months to get around to editing them, but I guess it’s the thought that counts. Sarah & Matt are two of our best friends, and have always proved to be willing photo subjects over the last few years. In August we spent a fantastic weekend in the Catskills with them, and during an incredible sunset, I insisted we do a mini portrait session. I love what we captured – it’s so totally different than what I normally photograph and the colors are just so vivid. Thanks for letting me boss you around for 30 minutes, Sarah & Matt! We love you guys!




  • You never fail to post a picture that makes me super happy to look at.

  • So so pretty! This makes me even more excited for our session in November! ;-) Eeee!~!

  • You have very attractive friends. What beautiful pictures!

  • Zan

    Matt looks so deceptively calm in these photos …. (and they both look gorgeous, duh)