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If I’m being totally honest here, I’ve been putting off making the decision and announcement of who to mentor. I received 27 applications – which is about 26 more than I thought I would! And it’s been incredibly overwhelming trying to decide who to work with and who I could really give the most help to. You’re all AWESOME. Seriously. I have loved reading your blogs and going through your work, and frankly, I have ideas for all of you. But I only have time to work with two people right now. Assuming this first round goes well, I will open up two more spots in January, and those that have already applied will get first dibs.

SO… without further ado… I have decided to work with McKenzi Taylor and Natasja Lherisson Vega.

Seriously – thank you all so so so so much for applying. This was such an incredibly hard decision, and if I could handle working with 27 people right now, I absolutely would. McKenzi & Natasja – I will be emailing you guys this week! Keep an eye out!