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Yesterday I took some time to meet my friend Zan at Shake Shack for lunch. We are both crazy busy, and so it was nice to carve out some time to sit on her terrace, eat burgers, and catch up. Afterwards she walked with me while I ran a couple errands, and we talked about something we’d been trying to plan for a few months. When she reminded me about it, I told her, “I know, I know. I just need to get through Thanksgiving, and then I think I’ll be in the clear for the year, and will have a little more time again.” We were stopped at a light and she turned and looked at me, one eyebrow raised in that very Zan way of hers, “You know, you’ve been saying that since the summer. ‘Oh, just let me get through August. Just let me get through September.’ Now you just need to get through Thanksgiving?” I busted out laughing, because it was so true. Work is so – blessedly – busy, that whenever I think I have a slow period coming up, I’ll inevitably book a few more things, and suddenly that slow few weeks has disappeared.

I think this is just what my life and work are going to be like now, and I still need to wrap my head around it and figure out that new way of being. When you shoot big weddings, you have a very specific time frame in which you’re busy – in NYC it’s usually April to October – and then a few months of downtime. Sure, you may get the occasional off-season wedding, but it’s not something you can really count on. I’ve found that with elopements – there isn’t really a season at all, and I think that is one of the biggest differences between the two that I’ve had to get used to. My December and January – normally slow months – have suddenly completely filled up with elopements, and that chunk of down time I was counting on is gone. Please, don’t be confused, I am thrilled by that. It is awesome. But I have to learn to take my downtime in weekends now – not giant blocks of time all at once in the winter. Just another new thing to figure out as this business officially transitons over to elopements full time now.

Thanks for the wake up call, Zan!





  • Zan is the queen of wake-up calls!!! YES. So you’re busy YEAR ROUND LOVE! Make sure to take time for yourself ON THE REGULAR!! You need it! :) xoxox!!!