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Stuff I Love: Stuff That Makes Me Laugh Edition || New York City Elopement Photographer

It’s been a couple months since my last Stuff I Love post, so we’re clearly overdue. This edition is all the things that have made me laugh this week. It’s Friday, let’s take a little mental break and check out for a while. C’mon… you’ve earned it. ;-)

Literally Unbelievable: This site makes me weep for laughter (and also for humanity a little bit). It’s people who think Onion articles are real, and I can easily lose an hour on this site.

Fairytales for Twenty-somethings: Twists you can relate to on the classic fairytales you loved as a kid.

Dog Shaming: I wonder if this site accepts cat submissions, because Olive & Boo Radley have a few things they need to atone for.

Branding the Presidents: Okay, this isn’t funny, it’s just really cool, and I wanted to include it anyway. It is an awesome design project.

And finally… the number one thing that made me laugh this week. The Greatest Event in Television History:



So what made YOU laugh this week?





Hahaha, love it! This made me laugh this week: