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Two Years (Seven Years)

Today John and I have been together seven years – married for two. I kept starting and restarting this blog post. Writing a few paragraphs and erasing them. Not because I couldn’t think of what to say, but because I just had so much I wanted to say. And it feels impossible to sum up the last two – or seven – years concisely. We’ve had huge adventures in the last seven years – moving and world traveling, business building and marriage, and now house renovating. We’ve had good days and bad days and life changing days… and I wouldn’t trade a single one for anything.

(Left: John and I shortly after we started dating. Yes, I was very very blonde.  ||  Right: In Massachusetts in 2007)


What I keep coming back to is not how much I love John (although it is so much), but how much I just genuinely like John. How much I just enjoy being around him. Our house is so full of fun and silliness… the laughter of two people who just love one another’s company. And during the day to day – in between the big stuff – all the little days… which are most of the days… we just like being together. It’s just what I’d hoped marriage would be like.

(Our wedding day – 10/9/10. Photo by Our Labor of Love.)


John, thank you for making me regularly laugh so hard I can’t breathe. Thank you for cooking for me. Thank you for constantly listening to me go on and on and on about work. Thank you for surprising me with bottles of Pellegrino even though you think it’s a ridiculous waste of money. Thank you for traveling the world with me. Thank you for putting up with the mess that comes along with me working in the livingroom. (Soon I’ll have an office to contain the mess!) Thank you for fixing my electronics when they break. Thank you for fighting fairly when we disagree about things. Thank you for being a good cat papa. Thank you for always making sure I have something to eat after a long day of shooting. Thank you for believing in me when I don’t believe in myself and supporting my dreams. I love you. xo

(In August, during our trip to the Catskills.)





  • love love love. & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy Anniversary! Congrats!

  • Jacque

    Happy Anniversary! What an absolutely wonderful partner you have found!

  • James always talks about how it is just as important to like your spouse as it is to love them… So I love that you spoke about that. I can’t wait to make it to NYC someday and meet this fabulous guy!!! Happy anniversary you two!

  • Aw, happy anniversary.

  • Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary!!

  • Marnie

    Happy Anniversary- Love the photo from your wedding day!

  • Just now catching up on my google reader (wooooooo wild Saturday night!) and I wanted to wish you both a happy belated anniversary! Hope you’re still celebrating– two years is worthy of a few day long celebration!