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I just got back from what I had hoped would be a relatively short errand: voting. Unfortunately it turned into a two hour debacle, but nevertheless, I voted! And I very much hope you will as well. Bring coffee, water, a snack… but get it done. Your country asks so little of you, but this is one thing you absolutely must do, and frankly, I roll my eyes at your excuses not to. We’re all crazy busy – I have to shoot a wedding today AND fly to Chicago, but I still made time to vote. (Ok, that concludes the guilt trip portion of your day.)

So I am off to Chicago tonight after I shoot a Central Park elopement this afternoon! I will be attending a workshop tomorrow by the amazing Jeff Newsom, as well as catching up with my awesome Chicago peeps! I’ll be back on Thursday night, and then Friday morning I get up and fly to North Carolina with John, so we can visit family for five days. The next week is going to be a crazy whirlwind, but hopefully lots of fun. I’m hoping to still find time to blog during my crazy week of travels, but we’ll see what happens.

See you soon, Chicago!





  • Yay! I can’t wait to see you!!

  • Oh mannnnnn I wish I lived closer to Chicago. Someday we’ll meet! Have fun!

  • Annette Howell

    Just don’t forget to come back! Looking forward to meeting you on the 16th :-) Have fun between now and then!