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Farewell to a Tree || Central Park || NYC Elopement Photographer

I think one of the great things about New York City is that even in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, everyone has a favorite spot that feels so privately theirs – even when it’s in a public space. A place you like to go and walk or sit. Or in my case… photograph. My secret spot was a great willow tree on the southern shore of The Lake, marking the entrance to a rarely used dirt path leading to Wagner Cove. I loved this tree, and I have taken dozens and dozens and dozens of clients there. If we’re shooting in Central Park, nine times out of ten, I will always make a stop at the tree.

I thought about my willow tree all last week, but Tuesday was the first day I could get over to that part of the park. As my clients and I walked from Bethesda Terrace to the Ladies Pavilion, I was anxious to get a look and make sure the willow had survived. We rounded the corner and headed down the hill from Bow Bridge, and there, laying on its side, snapped right in half, sat the tree.

I am sort of shocked by how heartbroken I am that it didn’t make it through the storm. It’s just a tree. Many many people lost their lives and homes and businesses. And there is still so much work left to do to get New York and New Jersey back on track – particularly after yesterday’s snow storm. I would encourage you to help by volunteering or donating money through NYC Service or donating blood through the Red Cross.

But I did love that tree, that spot. It was my tree in the middle of this enormous city, and I am grateful for all the beautiful photographs I took underneath it in the last three years.




I totally understand this. Natural places and trees and lakes and beaches seem so permanent, so we invest a little of ourselves in the ones that speak to us. It’s very personal when we find out they’re not as permanent as we thought. <3

Exactly what Erin said. That would make me sad too… especially when you visit it so often! <3

I totally get this, lady. I had a favorite tree as a kid at this one park, and one fall, they chopped all the branches off, including my most favorite, lowest sitting branch. I spent many hours there, as a kid, and I still mourn that tree’s changes every time I drive by that park. <3