My favorite month of the year is over. But that’s okay, because November is my third favorite month! (What? You don’t rank all the months in order of how much you like them?) And considering how rainy, dreary, and hurricane-y October was, I say good riddance. According to my calculations, we are only three weeks and one day away from non-stop Christmas music! (OH yes. I am one of those people.)

Some months I don’t seem to have enough photos to do an Instagram round up, but apparently in October I was instagram crazy. So what happened this month…

1. Boo Radley!  2. Up at dawn for an early morning elopement at City Hall.  3. John in our shed at the new house.  4. We have closets! The reno is coming along.  5. Anniversary dinner at Bouley  6. Happy anniversary to us!  7. Sunrise elopement.  8. Pumpkin picking at Queens County Farm.  9. Passing through Philadelphia on my way to Lancaster for a wedding.  10. Glass at the Lancaster station.  11. Exploring The Pool in Central Park.  12. Leaves changing at The Pool.


1. Getting highlights.  2. Marc & Jen got engaged!  3. Celebrating on the roof.  4. All dressed up for our 2nd anniversary portraits.  5. Shake Shack with Zan!  6. Lovely thank you note from Jennifer & Bryan!  7. Back to Pennsylvania.  8. Trenton Makes. The World Takes.  9. Trying to beat the hurricane to NYC.  10. Olive is scared.  11. Hurricane Sandy.  12. My street afterward – trying to get back to normal.


How was your October? You can follow along each month on Instagram – my username is @KatieJanePhoto. Happy November!