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Weddings for the Red Cross || New York City Elopement Photographer

Everyday I am more and more amazed by how much devastation Hurricane Sandy caused in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. It has been so much worse than I could have ever imagined a week ago, and my heart is absolutely broken for those that have lost their lives, their homes, their businesses. New York and New Jersey still need tons of help – volunteers, money… whatever you can give. From today until Thanksgiving – November 22nd – I will be donating 10% of every wedding booked between those dates to the Red Cross. (Weddings don’t need to be taking place between those dates – they can be taking place this year or next.)

It is going to take a long time for the Northeast to get back on its feet. Please, do whatever you can to help in your own way. You can always text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10, and if you can’t afford $10, please consider donating blood. This isn’t going to be something that is better in a week or a month. The Northeast is going to need help for a long time to come.




Lindsay Bateman

katie i have been thinking of you, of EVERYONE impacted in one way or another by sandy. i absolutely LOVE nyc and i cannot even imagine what has happened there and the devastation… thoughts and prayers are with you all always and you are SUCH a beautiful soul for contributing in the way you are through your photo sessions. you are amazing. much love and big hugs. xoxoxo