I am normally the Queen of Christmas, but this year I found it hard to get into the spirit. It was such a crazy fall – work, hurricane, house renovation, did I mention work? All of the sudden it was Christmas and my energy was just gone. I am so ready to move into our new house, and Christmas was just one more thing between me and moving. (We are roughly four weeks away from the big move – KNOCK ON WOOD.)

Yesterday we truly had a fantastic Christmas full of family, friends, Christmas movie watching, delicious food, wine, and – oh yeah – presents. I just felt so incredibly grateful for our families and friends. (And cats.) But today I woke up completely energized and ready to take on 2013. Christmas is over and now it’s time to look ahead, and I am so excited for what 2013 will bring! The Big Move. The Big Birthday (ahem… 30). Travels (Washington D.C., the Dominican Republic, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are on the agenda so far.) And continuing to make beautiful art with my amazing clients.

I love the start of a new year. A clean slate. A chance to look at the mistakes of the previous year and change what wasn’t working. I am so ready for a fresh start!┬áBRING IT ON 2013!!

(Our Christmas card this year! Thanks to Alethea of Photosanity for the photo!)


(*ONE NOTE: Although I’ll be blogging this week and next, the studio is closed until January 3rd, so I can get a much needed break before weddings start back up in January. I’ll respond to all emails and inquiries on the 3rd. Hope you are enjoying a well-deserved break as well!*)




  1. Brea
    Dec 26, 2012

    I could totally relate to the struggle getting into the holiday spirit this year. Happy *almost* 2013!

  2. Christy Tyler
    Dec 26, 2012

    OMG. I was feeling the exact same way!! I worked literally up until we hopped in the car and left for home for the holidays & just had trouble really getting much done at the same time last week because I just needed the holiday break. And now that Christmas has come and gone – I AM SO STOKED FOR 2013!!! I seriously am excited to tackle my off-season to-do list, to make new goals, to streamline my workflow, to take it all by the horns and do this thing! :) Not to mention – see you in DC and Dominical Republic in 2013! Yay!