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Last week I talked about my personal goals for 2013, and today I want to talk about my business goals for 2013. And boy, is it a long list. 2012 was the “sink or swim” year for this business and truly the year exceeded my expectations in every way. I am so overwhelmed and so very very grateful to all of my clients and cheerleaders. I would not be here right now, planning for another year, without you all.

The year I am about to embark on is going to be totally unlike any year in this business so far – I won’t be taking on any big weddings or new family clients. (I will continue to work with family clients that I have already worked with in the past, however.) I’m going to focus solely on elopements and couples/engagement portraits. I wanted this business to be a Monday to Friday business, but I wanted to continue to shoot weddings – and now that I’ve found a way to make that work, I can’t wait to actually put it into practice full steam this year. I’m so so pleased with where I’ve ended the year, but it isn’t time to relax just yet. Now is the time to ask how I can make this business bigger, better, and more efficient for 2013. How I can make my clients even happier; streamline my systems even more; up turnaround times; and deliver a finished product that truly represents both my clients and myself as an artist?

  • Get rid of DVDs and deliver all photographs via download (I just switched to PASS, and I am so excited!)
  • Blog each wedding/session on the day I deliver the photographs to the client (instead of weeks later)
  • Get my accounting systems a little more organized
  • Start using ShootQ
  • Completely rebrand/redesign the website to better reflect my elopement specialization (I’m looking forward to starting this process with Second Street Creative early next year. You can see my inspiration for the new site here: 2013 Branding.)
  • Photograph at least two destination elopements next year (Where are you getting married? Rome? Paris? Barcelona? Tahiti? Buenos Aires? I’ll literally go anywhere!)
  • Better streamline my mentoring sessions and continue working with one photographer a month
  • Plan a workshop for fall 2013
  • Infuse more creativity into my work and really fine tune both my shooting and post production style
  • Attend What If Conference in February and hopefully walk away with lots of big ideas for the evolution of this business
  • Hire an office manager by the second half of 2013
  • Go totally paperless
  • Avoid working weekends as much as possible – ideally no more than one working weekend a month
  • Avoid pulling all nighters to get post production done in a timely manner. I need to set clear boundaries for myself, and that means turning off the computer at a reasonable hour each night
  • Explore new and creative marketing options
I’m sure this list will grow, and I’ll probably think of even more things to add to it moments after I hit the “publish” button, but I think these are a good start for 2013. What business goals do you have for next year?
  • This is so exciting! I’ve really enjoyed watching where your business has gone in 2012 and look forward to seeing you build your empire in 2013 :) Definitely excited to hear more about that 2013 workshop and if I lived in NYC I would already be making my case for you to hire me as your office manager.

  • Kinzie

    Haha I was literally composing my comment in my head while I read and got to the bottom — and Rachelle already said it all. Right on down to the office manager schemes- if only!! I’m so excited to see your business continue to take off!

  • I have setting up ShootQ on my off season list too!! I’m so excited to see what 2013 brings your way. I know you’re going to kill it!! XXOO

  • I’m so excited for What If and all the amazing things it may add to this list! What an amazing year it has been for you! Cat wait to see what 2013 holds!!

  • These are great goals! Being a ShootQ Pusher, I think just implementing that alone will make your business paperless, and it might even make it so that you don’t need an office manager. Who knows? It’s exciting to watch your business grow.

  • Awesome goals! I met Ryan from Second Street at the bbmk workshop a cople years ago, he does awesome work and totally gets photo people. Excited to see what they come up with for you!