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On Tuesday I came home to a very unexpected package in my mailbox. The label said it was from the UK, so I was immediately intrigued – I wasn’t expecting anything from the UK. Inside I found the sweetest thank you card and a gorgeous camera necklace! It was from the lovely Lorraine & Nik! I couldn’t believe it! It was such an incredibly thoughtful gift!


These two are so wonderful in every way, and I absolutely loved working with them from day one. They were married on a very rainy afternoon in September, but we made the most of it and braved the weather for some beautiful photographs of these two.

I met them at their hotel and we took a vintage checkered cab to Central Park to meet the always lovely Judie Guild at Gapstow Bridge. Just as we finished their short but sweet ceremony – the sky completely opened up, and we all ran for the cover of a nearby tunnel. Eventually the rain slowed down a bit and we took some time for more portraits in the park, before hopping back in the cab. The one great thing about rainy wedding days is that no one else is in the park, so I don’t have to avoid photographing people in the background. After a few quick portraits in Times Square, we were off to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and those are definitely some of my favorite photographs from the day. The light was so nice and diffused – it was perfect.

Lorraine & Nik – thank you both for EVERYTHING, especially the beautiful necklace. I hope you make it back across the pond again sometime soon!! xo

Ceremony Location: Gapstow Bridge in Central Park  ||  Officiant: Judie Guild  ||  Hair & Make-up: Sissi Chan  ||  Checkered Cab: FilmCars




  1. Christy Tyler
    Dec 13, 2012

    Love these Katie! They’re so moody and beautiful. Love the feel of the rain especially. And what a sweet couple to send that gift!

  2. Kinzie Kangaroo
    Dec 13, 2012

    I remember this couple! I remember feeling like they looked so right together– and once again, they look … I don’t know, settled in. At ease. In love.

    And her dress is so good. Gorgeous lady.

  3. Kandise
    Dec 13, 2012

    How sweet! The couple and the photos!