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New York City Elopement Photographer || Jennifer & Bryan Married! || Central Park

Jennifer & Bryan – who are self-proclaimed math nerds – were married on 10/11/12. It was an absolutely stunning fall morning, and we could not have had better light to work with. The original plan was to get married at Wagner Cove, but when we arrived another wedding was taking place. We tried to wait it out, but it was a long one. So instead I took them to a quiet little spot I know on the banks of the lake, and it ended up being so lovely.

Since Jennifer & Bryan live in New Jersey, I was actually lucky enough to get to meet them in person over beers about a month before their wedding. It’s such a rare treat when I get to meet my clients before the big day! I had such an awesome time getting to know them, hearing the amazing story of how these two got together, and geeking out with Bryan over camera stuff.

After their ceremony – beautifully officiated by the always awesome Genevieve Dreizen of Cheerleader for Love – we were off for portraits, and our first stop was the nearby willow tree that I loved so much. Jennifer & Bryan were the last couple I photographed under the tree, and I especially love those photographs. Jennifer & Bryan are such kids at heart, and I think so many of the spots they chose reflect that – including the Central Park Carousel and the Hans Christian Andersen statue. We finished the day with photographs outside of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue and in Bryant Park.

Jennifer & Bryan – thank you both for being so wonderful in every way! I adored working with you two!




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