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This will be the only time I’ll mention this here, so those of you that are here for the weddings don’t have to worry about this turning into a travel blog. For months, John and I (well… mostly me) have been talking about starting a travel blog. Literally 98% of the conversations in our household revolve around travel. We are kind of obsessed, to put it mildly. So I finally got my act together, and when my best friend told me I have a “case of gypsy feet,” I knew I finally had a name for the blog.

So if you’re into travel and/or travel photography, and you enjoy my ramblings here, then you might just enjoy my ramblings over there too. Maybe. The new blog still looks a little rough around the edges – I need to make the side bar smaller, so I can make the photographs larger. And there are a lot of things in general about the layout that I’m not crazy about, but it’ll get there.

But without further ado, after months of procrastination, I’m so excited to launch: A Case of Gypsy Feet!




  • So exciting!!

  • I know what you mean, I have total wanderlust. Can’t wait to see your travels! :)

  • YAY! Can’t wait to see more and more pretty pictures there! First travel destination – CHICAGO! ;-) (just kidding. kind of…) ;)


  • woohooo!!!! traveling is so exciting!!!!

  • so exciting! can’t wait to see where your travels take “us” ;)