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Now that it’s officially official and I have the book in my hands, I am so excited I can finally talk about Capturing Love Guide! Two years ago on a visit to Wilmington, NC, I photographed my good friend Ken and his partner, Chris. And their adorable puppies. (Side note: If you live in Wilmington and need an incredible make-up artist, Ken is your man. He is the BEST.)

If you are one of my loved ones, I will force you to let me photograph you. That’s just how I roll. The three of us spent an afternoon wandering around downtown Wilmington, and I was so happy with what we captured together. I submitted the photographs to be published on, but shortly after I got an email from Kathryn Hamm asking if I’d be willing to let them use one of the photographs in a book they were putting together instead of on the site. I was thrilled, and I’m pretty sure Ken & Chris were thrilled too.

Yesterday the finished product arrived, and it is so fantastic! And such a thrill to see my work in an actual, real book. I am so grateful to Kathryn Hamm & Thea Dodds for asking me to be a part of this, and even more grateful to Ken & Chris for allowing me to use their photo for the book. Ken has known me since I was a shy, clueless 18-year-old receptionist in Wilmington, NC and has truly been one of the most positive, encouraging influences in my life in the last eleven years. Ken, you gave me my princess powers, and I am so grateful to have you in my life! xo




I just met Kathryn at the Two Bright Lights event here in Baltimore on Monday – and she had a copy of the book.

Katie! That’s amazing! Congratulations, lady. And gosh, that book looks amazing.

1) This book rocks! I love the idea behind it.
2) As always, your photos are gorgeous :)

Congratulations! What a great book to be published in!

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Love this Katie!! Congrats!

Oh I love this! I just purchased that book last week. Great shoot!

OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so exciting :-D :-D :-D Also, have SO MUCH FUN at What If!!!! I know it’s a lot right now with moving, but you’ll come out on top and kick 2013’s booty I just know it :-D XXOO