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Elope in New York City || Karen & Ronald Married! || City Hall Wedding Photographer

This fall it felt like wedding after wedding was rain soaked. If I was shooting a wedding, it was most definitely raining. Luckily I had some amazing clients this fall, and we powered through it, creating gorgeous photographs despite the weather. Karen & Ronald were probably two of the most patient people I’ve ever met. It rained from the moment we left City Hall until the moment we said goodbye. And I don’t mean sprinkled… it poured. Buckets. I’m pretty sure all three of us were completely soaked to the bone by the time we parted ways. But looking back at the images, it’s hard to tell how truly terrible the weather was, because these two just couldn’t stop grinning. They were so happy and excited that even a tidal wave wouldn’t have dampened their mood. (See what I did there. Dampened. Sorry.)

Karen & Ronald traveled from Curacao – although she is originally from the Philippines, and Ronald is from Suriname. They met while working together in the same office, and they were so excited to be starting a family together. I absolutely loved being a part of their day and getting to know these two. They brought me a few small gifts from Curacao – one of which is a mug that I use to drink my afternoon tea almost everyday. Karen & Ronald – thank you for being so amazing and braving the terrible weather. Wishing you so much happiness!




  • Loving the rainy photos!!! Especially love that last shot of them in the sea of umbrellas!!!

  • Ditto Christy, also, I’m digging your B&Ws lately :-D And the one of them coming out of the rotating door is too cute!

  • Oh I love elopements. I so love the photos of them in the tunnel with the brick. Great photos!

  • the picture of them through the glass door is my favorite!!

  • Dying over the one of them sitting on the train with the guy looking at them! There is just something so perfect about it!!!

  • hahaha that image from the subway car is so great. and they may photos in the rain look incredibly glamorous!!!!

  • Absolutely stunning! I love your work! :D

  • Gorgeous! You’re so brave for shooting in the rain- love the emotions you captured!