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Elope in NYC || Leland & Leif Married! || Central Park Elopement Photographer

Leland & Leif were married on Election Day, and considering how well same sex marriage fared at the polls on election night, I’d say that was a lucky day. They had actually traveled from San Francisco to run the New York Marathon the weekend before, but Hurricane Sandy put a damper on those plans. So instead they volunteered to help in relief efforts, and next year they’re going to come back and run the marathon for their first anniversary!

I met these two – along with Leif’s mom, and their two closest friends – at Bethesda Terrace for portraits before the actual ceremony. It was a gorgeous evening, and the light was just incredible. When we finished portraits, we headed to Ladies Pavilion for their actual ceremony – officiated by the always wonderful, Judie Guild. Their ceremony was truly incredible – everyone was crying – and Judie did such a great job conveying their story through her ceremony. Afterwards they took a moment to themselves and decided to feed the nearby ducks with bread they brought from The Boathouse. Leif especially has an affinity for ducks, and the two hope they can have a place with ducks of their own someday, so it was a really sweet moment.

Leland & Leif – thank you both for everything! Working with you two was truly a wonderful experience, and I wish you so much love in your marriage!




I LOVE THESE! I’m actually teary! What an amazing day!

I’ve been waiting for this one!!!


These made me teary and I wasn’t even there! What beautiful moments you captured. <3

I took a break from working to pop over to your blog, and now I’m all teary. That picture of Leif wiping the tear away from Leland is quite possibly perfect. What a lovely couple. <3

This makes me so incredibly happy! I’m so glad that my home state (Maryland) was one of the ones that passed same sex marriage by a popular vote on Election day! They are such a wonderful couple. I love the love that just exudes from them!

So sweet! These really made me smile :)

Those ceremony kisses and looks!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Totally have me in tears this morning. Gorgeous!

Beautiful set of images- emotional, classy and perfectly told! Look forward to seeing more of your posts!

The laughter, the joy, the sweet tears….beautiful, Katie!!!!

so sweet! The kisses on the forehead, the wiping away of tears – I’m welling up with happiness looking at the love you captured!!

so happy for them!

Beautiful pictures!

Denise Hernandez

Totally teary eyed. This is so sweet. The love on their faces.