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In an attempt to share more about myself on the blog, I thought I’d write a post about some things you may not know about me!

(Photo by Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick of Photosanity)


1. I was named after a John Wayne movie. The story goes that in the hospital after I was born, my parents couldn’t agree on a name. I think I spent the first day of my life just named “Baby Girl.” Then the old western “The Sons of Katie Elder” came on the TV in my mother’s hospital room, and both my parents realized they could actually agree on the name Katie. Voila! (The “Jane” part is a family name. And I’m a real Katie, not a Katherine.)

2. I’m not actually from North Carolina. I was born in West Virginia, and my family spent my entire childhood moving around due to my dad’s job. I say I’m from North Carolina because it’s where I graduated high school, it’s where my mother still lives, and it’s waaaay easier than going into the whole saga of my childhood on the road; but I’m not really from anywhere. I’ve lived more places than I can count… West Virginia, all over Texas, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ireland… I think it’s why – as my best friend put it so well the other day – I have “a case of the gypsy feet.” I get antsy if I don’t get to go anywhere for a few months. There are good and bad things to growing up that way, but I did get my love of travel from all the moving around we did, and I’m grateful for that. (Actually, I think I am officially a New Yorker now that it’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life – almost seven years.)

3. I love to bake, but I HATE sweets. I only had one bite of my own red velvet wedding cake – for photographs – and I thought it was terrible. I do not have a sweet tooth at all. But baking is my favorite hobby – there’s something about the precision of it that I love. So my husband gets sweet treats and never has to share them with me. (This may have been one of the reasons he married me.) The only moderately sweet thing I like is dark chocolate gelato. I practically lived on the stuff on my honeymoon in Italy.

4. I went to Space Camp. Twice. I was just that much of a nerd. I went to Space Camp at Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 5th and 6th grade, and had serious dreams of growing up to be an astronaut. Instead I developed a terrible fear of flying. Just a small problem if you want to be an astronaut. Also – I’m awful at math, so there’s that. But my heart was in it, and that has to count for something!

5. I (secretly) want to be a travel photographer. But I have no idea how to make that happen. I see myself shooting elopements for the next five years or so and then transitioning into another area of photography. I’d love to be paid to travel the world and take photos, but then again… who wouldn’t? I don’t think it’s a very realistic dream, but it’s one that I can’t let go of quite yet.

Happy Friday!





  • I wish you lived closer so I could take some baking lessons :) I love sweets but hate baking haha. Love the image of you, gorgeous black and white.

  • I love that quote -I have “a case of the gypsy feet.” Loved this post and I’m totally using that quote.

  • Your husband is so lucky! I want to eat sweets and not have to make them! I love that I now know you went to space camp! :-) And number 5 is my dream goal as well. Hope we can both get there!!

  • Interesting facts! So sad to hear a fear of heights thwarted your plans to be an astronaut! I bet you would have taken amazing space pictures. Haha

  • you can be anything you want to be :)

    Hope you are having a great New Year so far! I will have some fun things to share with you from my updated website (soon, I hope!!)

    capturing your adventure,

  • What a fun post! I am not a big sweets person either…but every once in a while I get a craving for a dessert:)