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Welcome to Crazytown, Population: Two

…Well…population: four if you count the cats. Which I usually do.

As you can see, my blog posts have been a little late the last week, but it’s because we are in full crazy mode here. Our house renovation is in the final stages (hallelujah!), and John and I will actually be moving on Valentine’s Day. Seven months after we started this insane project. Of course, because nothing can ever be that simple, I will be away all next week for What If Conference. When I booked this trip, it was under the assumption that we would have already been moved and settled. But I have learned that house renovations are completely unpredictable, so here we are. And I do kind of feel bad about leaving John to deal with the final moving prep… but probably not as bad as I should feel.

So next week I’m gone, and when I get back, we move, and then the following week I have to go down to North Carolina for my best friend’s bridal shower for four days. A party I’m actually organizing and throwing. And in between all of this, there are photos to edit and weddings to shoot. My only goal for February is to make it out alive on the other side and still married to John. I like to keep the bar low.

What I’m getting at here with my ramblings is that I actually need a little help. I’m looking for a couple of people to guest post while I’m away and/or moving, since I’ll be without internet for a few days during the move. I’m pre-writing as many posts as I can, but I don’t know that I’m going to be able to get two weeks worth of posts done in the midst of everything else going on. SO… if you are a former client and want to talk about your wedding, I’d love to have you post! If you are a photography friend or wedding vendor (who I know in real life… no strangers please), and you have an idea for a guest post, I’d love to hear that as well. Just email me at katie[at]katiejanephoto[dot]com. I would be eternally grateful for your help while John and I navigate the next three weeks of insanity.




I wish I had something to contribute or help with (but I’m attempting to post next week’s in advance too – so my brain has been sucked dry)! Also – loved that you said “I keep the bar low” … made me laugh out loud. :) You got this!!

Oh boy! It sure sounds like your plate is quite full. I hope that you enjoy your trip and the hopeful chance that you’ll be settled in by the end of February. Good luck!

I hope you show off the house renovations on your blog!