While I am away traveling today and tomorrow, I have a few guest posts lined up! First off is my lovely client Lorraine who wanted to share her experience of eloping in New York City! Here’s Lorraine:

2012 was the year that Nik and I reached the first big milestone in our relationship. Our 10 year anniversary! This was an occasion we didn’t want to let just slip by so we decided we would celebrate with what we thought would just be a holiday to New York. In fact it turned out to be our wedding in New York!

New York has a special place in our hearts. We fell in love with this amazing city when we first visited to mark our 1st anniversary back in 2003 and have returned a few times since. We love everything about it, so it is hard to describe what stands out the most. There is just something, and I think until you have been you won’t really understand what that is. Just seeing or hearing anything relating to New York makes me feel happy. For a few years we had always said that when we got married we wanted to do it somewhere that meant something to us, and no question about it, New York was that place.

To elope or not to elope? This question played on my mind for months leading up to the day. We couldn’t help but feel guilty because by getting married on our own of course meant family and friends were unable to share our wedding day with us.

All Nik and I ever wanted was a no frills, no fuss wedding. Something nice and simple but still special to us. We didn’t want the big day that most couples wanted; we just wanted to be married. It was a difficult choice, but the right decision for us was to elope. Although we had no guests, speeches, first dance or any of the usual wedding traditions, our wedding day was still an amazing day and everything we always wanted.

On September 28th (the day before our 10th anniversary) we were married in Central Park. We chose a spot near Gapstow Bridge for our ceremony and afterwards we drove round the city in our vintage checkered cab with Katie Jane so she could take some shots of us at our chosen locations. Despite the weather conditions we had that day (rainy and grey skies) Katie Jane managed to capture our day beautifully, creating some great memories for us. Our perfect day ended with a gorgeous dinner and a couple of cocktails. For us our New York elopement was such a wonderful experience and one we will truly treasure forever.

So, if you were to ask us would we do it again? We would say ‘in a heartbeat’, or should we say a ‘New York minute’, and we wouldn’t change a single thing (well apart from the weather maybe!).





  1. Lauren
    Feb 21, 2013

    Sounds fabulous!