I’ve been really beating myself up the last week or so for getting so far behind on everything in my life. I’ve been behind since I went to the Dominican Republic for What If, and every time I start to catch up, something else comes along – jury duty last week, for example – and I get pulled under again. But now I have a two week break. My calendar for the next two weeks is gloriously empty of appointments and deadlines, and if I can shake my writer’s block as well, I’ll be back on top of everything by the time these two weeks are over. That’s the plan, anyway. I can finally catch up on all the orders that came in over the break, albums, blogging, all the contracts that need to go out… oh yeah, and maybe even get my taxes done. The minutiae of owning a business.

Wasn’t winter supposed to be the slow season?!





  1. Christy Tyler
    Mar 11, 2013

    SO happy to hear you have some time to relax and catch up!!!