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Elope in NYC || The Backyard Portraits

I’ve had this month off from shoots – my last wedding was February 19th and my next session is March 19th. It was a self-imposed photography break because of the move/travel/jury duty, and it hasn’t felt like much of a “break” at all, but I’ve already found myself itching to get back behind the camera. My friend Kelly came over yesterday to spend the afternoon with me, and I made her model for a new photography project I’ve started. I’m calling them the Backyard Portraits, and basically anyone that visits my house in the next six months or so may find themselves in front of my camera. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to have someone in front of my lens again, if only for a few minutes. It made me realize how much I have been missing this giant piece of myself. It felt so good to be creative and play with light. And most of all, it was just so wonderful to shoot for myself again. It was this instant mood elevator, and a reminder how grateful I am to get to do what I love for a living. I am so lucky.




It’s a beautiful portrait, clearly what you’re mean to do :)

Ohhh that is simply magical.

You know how nervous photogs are when they are in front of the camera…and I’m 600 times worse. But I felt nothing but relaxed and happy having you shoot me Katie. When I saw this photo, my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe it- I felt relaxed and you took amazing photos at the exact same time? It was so nice to hang out with you and now I’m kinda in awe that you have magic dust in your pocket to make everyone feel at ease.

Beautiful! This picture plus Kelly’s comment makes me want to add you to the very short ( as in there is only one other photographer on it so far) list of photographers who I want to take my picture one day.

Kelly is gorgeous! And that photo is gorgeous! And that wall is gorgeous. I like gorgeous.

Beautiful!!! This makes me really excited to get out and shoot for myself soon!! And makes me wish I lived closer!

maryann terillo

you never fail to delight me with your photographs