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Weekly Wrap Up || Elope in New York City

Things that happened this week: I discovered a whole bird community in my little backyard. It appears that two Robins, a Cardinal, and a Blue Jay have taken up residence just outside my office window, and I’m surprised by how much I love watching them all day. The Blue Jay is small and high strung, constantly yapping at the other birds and trying to chase them away, and the Cardinal is fat and unmovable. Naturally I’ve named them Felix and Oscar. I tried to get a good photo of them both, but the Blue Jay is just too fast for me. Wildlife in New York City… who knew?!

This Week’s Links! (Actually some of these are a little old, because I didn’t get to do a wrap up last week.)

Seven Women Photographers You May Not Know: I always love discovering new photographers – especially female photographers – so I loved this. The only one of these photographers I had heard of was Ruth Orkin (who I am kind of obsessed with), so I loved learning about some new artists.

We Found Our Son in the Subway: This story is beyond amazing and beautiful.

How to Spend 47 Hours on a Train and Not Go Crazy: As a photographer and avid rider of the rails, I absolutely loved this piece. I’ve always dreamed of taking a train from NYC to LA, and this may have made me even more obsessed. My only problem with this piece is that I wish there were more pictures!

The Benefits of Optimism are Real: I believe it.

Australia… Where Everything Can Kill You: On my personal travel blog, I wrote about why I was always afraid of going to Australia.

Have a fabulous weekend!!





Oh my gosh – I’m jealous of your beautiful birds!! Cardinals always make me think of my grandpa – so naturally, I love them. We only have crazy deranged city squirrels outside our office windows & a few stray cats! haha