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I personally love it when the blogs I read have a wrap up post on Fridays sharing stuff they loved this week, so I’ve decided to bring that to this blog as well – it’s the Weekly Wrap Up! I thought on Fridays I’d start sharing a personal photograph from the week, and some links I’m loving. Let’s do it.

Things that happened this week: I finally figured out what the Harlem Shake is – just in time for the craze to be over; we officially said goodbye to our old apartment and turned in the keys – it was very bittersweet; I’ve been reading (and loving) A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller; and today I will spend the day trying to get the new house in order since we have family coming over to see it for the first time tonight!

(I went over to take a few photographs before we turned in our keys at the old place – this is the view from our old terrace.)

This Week’s Links!

Ben Affleck’s Oscar Speech Revealed a Truth About Marriage: I loved what Ben Affleck said to his wife at the Oscars, and I thought this piece about it was well written.

When Jennifer Lawrence met Jack Nicholson: This is pretty amazing. Also, Jennifer Lawrence needs to call me so our life as best friends can begin.

Resolution: The details don’t make your wedding, despite what some would have you think.

A Visitor in my Own City: On my personal travel blog, I wrote about exploring NYC more this year.

The Year of Lettering: I am pretty much obsessed with this blog right now. I’d really love to learn calligraphy.

Happy weekending! See you on Monday!





I’m obsessed with that video of Jennifer Lawrence too! haha. I seriously watched it like 10 times in a row… the three of us can be besties, okay?! Also loved what Ben Affleck had to say about marriage! Everybody is all up in arms about it and I’m like … seriously?! Putting in work on a marriage is a GOOD thing. All relationships need work!

Thank you so much for the shoutout for my lettering project! If you need any tips on getting started on calligraphy just let me know! It’s really addictive!