It’s no secret that about 75% of my clients are from Australia, and it’s a big reason John and I have decided to travel down there in September for a few weeks. I am incredibly excited to visit Australia and hopefully catch up with a few of my favorite Aussies. I have been considering opening up one early morning of mini sessions either in Sydney or Melbourne while we’re there, but I wanted to find out first if there’s any actual interest before I commit to anything.

This question is specifically for anyone living in Australia who reads my blog (which, judging from my analytics is A LOT of you). Would you be interested in mini sessions if I made them available? And which city is better for you – Melbourne or Sydney? Drop me an email and let me know if you’d be interested (or you can leave a comment). My mini sessions are 30 minutes long, and you’ll typically end up with about 15 photographs. They’re perfect for anniversaries and/or engagements. I would probably open up a three hour block, which is five mini session spots.

So sound off Australia! Should I shoot some portraits while I’m there?