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Central Park Elopement || Karen & Michael || Bethesda Terrace

I have photographed many rainy elopements, but Karen & Michael’s won the prize for rainiest. Their elopement was one of the most challenging I’ve photographed but one of the most rewarding. I met them at the apartment they were staying in just a few blocks away from my own apartment, and together we traveled to Bethesda Terrace to meet Judie Guild for their ceremony.

We weren’t just contending with a gentle rain – it was an all out maelstrom complete with high winds. Many people would have been very upset to wake up to this scene on their wedding day, but Karen & Michael just laughed it off. It would just part of their wedding day story, and they’d roll with it. Their positive attitudes made photographing their wedding infinitely easier, and I truly love the results.

Karen & Michael – I had such a wonderful time braving the storm with you two, and wish you so much happiness!





Nothing better than a rainy elopement though I am biased :) They both look very happy regardless and you still manage to produce fantastic images no matter the weather!

So sweet!