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Elope in New York City || Kristen & Craig || City Hall

As a photographer, there is only one thing I am admittedly a little bit pushy with my clients about, and that is light. I am a very hands off photographer in general, but what can I say – I am obsessed with good light, so the closer to golden hour I can convince my clients to get married, the happier I am. Sometimes it’s just not possible to shoot during sunset – City Hall closes at 3:45pm or clients are just too excited to wait all day – and that’s when I start making the case for a sunrise elopement. In the last year, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many couples have been game for the sunrise elopement. It’s definitely not for everyone – but the results are just spectacular, and Kristen & Craig’s wedding is a prime example.

I met these two just before dawn at the Empire Hotel, and we walked to Central Park together. It was during that brief time in April when all the blooms were out. Central Park was empty and quiet, and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. There’s something about New York City early in the morning that I just love. All the streets that will soon be teeming with people are just quiet, a lone coffee cart stands every few blocks waiting for the rush to begin. If you’ve never taken a walk through Manhattan at sunrise, you’re missing out on something.

After a beautiful and quiet morning, we headed down to City Hall and arrived just as they were opening up for the day. After their ceremony, we stopped for a quick snack, and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to one of my favorite places in New York City – Brooklyn Bridge Park – for a few final photos before  we parted ways for the day. We were done well before noon, and Kristen & Craig had the rest of the day to celebrate together.

Kristen & Craig – thank you both for everything. I adored you guys, and I love what we captured together!

  • The light. Is. MAGICAL. As per usual. These are amazingly beautiful, KJ!

  • Stunning photos, what a gorgeous couple!

  • Her ring is everything!!!! Love her pink jacket!!! And that shot in front of the fountain…and the ones below the bridge…seriously dying!!! So good, Katie!

  • Oh how I love morning light. These are so beautiful. I’m not going to lie, I’m super jealous of how many incredible couples you get to work with!! <3

  • OOoooooo yeah! SO worth the sunrise! The city seems so quiet, too! I LOVE the photos of them in the subway station and under the bridddgeeeeee!

  • Oooh yeah! Love the morning light. Also, her skin is amazing, geez.