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I know it’s been weddings, weddings, weddings around here and absolutely nothing personal. It’s that time of year – wedding season is in full force, and I’m just doing my best to keep my head above water. This year is by far my busiest since I started my business and June will be my busiest month ever. I am infinitely grateful for that. I wish I could go back and tell the Katie Jane of 2009 what the next few years would bring, because back then I could never imagine getting to consistently shoot. Back then, I was thrilled if I had more than one session or wedding a month.

I just wanted to pop in today and share what’s going on behind the scenes here, and how the business is changing and growing in amazing ways right now. So… what’s new?

  • As you know, I’ve been working on my epic rebranding/new website project since last fall. I’ve worked with two different designers, but they just weren’t the right fit. I recently began working with Braizen, and I am SO excited about what they’re going to do with the project. After the rollercoaster ride that has been rebranding, I feel like I have finally found the people that are going to bring my crazy vision to life, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Although I had originally hoped to launch my new brand/site this summer, since I switched up designers, it looks like it’s going to be closer to the end of this year, possibly the beginning of next before this project is ultimately done. But I definitely think it’s going to be worth the wait.
  • I have finally decided it’s time to outsource my post production, and I just began working with Fotofafa to make that happen. What does that mean for you? Quicker turnaround times on your photographs! Right now Fotofafa is working on getting my style just right, and I know they’re going to do an amazing job. This means the hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours…) I spend on post production will be spent on other aspects of the business – that means faster email response times, getting back to blogging everyday, more personal projects… and just more time to myself, which I am really excited about. Everyone wins in this scenario!
  • I am working on a couple things to boost destination elopement bookings, including a one time only travel fee waiver for two couples. If you are getting married outside of NYC and want me to photograph your elopement, but couldn’t afford my travel fees, then next week might be your lucky week. Stop back in here on Tuesday, May 28th for an awesome announcement.
  • I had a ton of interest for a day of mini sessions in September when we’re in Australia for a few weeks, so I’m hoping to officially open up bookings in June or July, once all the paperwork for my trip is sorted. Keep an eye out here this summer for more information. As long as I can get the paperwork sorted, I’ll be doing the mini sessions on Friday, September 6th in Sydney, Australia, between 8am and 12pm. (If you’d like me to email you when I officially open up bookings, so you can get a jump on it, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll put you on the waiting list.)

And that’s about it… what’s new with you? Are you having a wonderful spring?

(Self portrait in the doors of City Hall two weeks ago.)





  • maryann terillo

    this all seems perfect. the branding is so important and I am glad you got a smoother ride ahead!

  • Congrats on growing your business! Can’t wait to see your new branding and the next step in your empire :)

  • Ashley

    Hey Katie! So this is not really related to your post, but something I have always wondered. When you moved to NYC how did you do it? It has always been a dream of mine, but then I hear horror stories of how expensive it is, how it’s hard to find work, etc. I read that your hubby had a job with etsy (right?), but aside from that did you have savings, a place to land, a job for yourself? Idk, I would just love to hear all the details if you have time to respond. :)

  • So excited for you girl!