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New York City Elopement Photography || Joanne & Chris || The Ace Hotel

I feel like I have so many things I want to say about this wedding and about Joanne and Chris, but it just comes out in the form of a million exclamation points and emoticons jumping up and down. Sometimes I’m not as great with words as I’d like to be.

Joanne & Chris are AWESOME. They traveled to NYC from Toronto to elope on Top of the Rock last month, and I met them at the Ace Hotel to start our day together. Weather wise, it was an incredibly challenging day. We didn’t just face a little rain – it was a lot of rain and thunder and lightening and general fogginess. But I love a good challenge, and I think what we ended up with was so much more interesting and dynamic than what we would have ended up with on a sunny day.

When we arrived at Top of the Rock, the employees really discouraged us from going up. “You can’t see anything at all, there’s no view today” they warned, but we shrugged. The plan was the plan. And when we got to the top, it was true – it was like being in a cloud – which I think is pretty cool in and of itself. The light was just gorgeous. And about halfway through their ceremony, the clouds briefly parted and suddenly the Empire State Building just rose out of the mist like magic. The universe gave us a tiny window, and as soon as the ceremony was over, we dashed outside to take advantage of the brief break in the rain for portraits.

Afterwards, we walked down to Nat Sherman – Chris is quite the cigar aficionado – and then ended our day together back at the bar in the Ace Hotel. Shooting in Nat Sherman was so wonderful – it wasn’t really the original plan, but with the rain coming down again, we wanted to get inside somewhere. Picking a place that was so unique to them was such a fantastic idea. And I have an entirely different blog post coming up about why you should think outside of the box like that and pick places for your wedding photos that are true to you, so stay tuned for that later today. (Yes – it’s a double post day!)

Joanne & Chris – working with you two was truly a wonderful experience. I am so crazy about what we captured together. Thank you both so much for everything!

Officiant: Judie Guild  ||  Hair & Make-up: Cari Duprey  ||  Dress: Jil Sander  ||  Suit: Ted Baker

  • I seriously love this more than words, Katie! Love the emotion, the joy! Love love love! And her dress!! And his Ted Baker suit, yes!