Yesterday morning as I cleaned and packed my gear for this elopement, I was nervous. The weather report called for a derecho similar to the one we’d had last year. As I packed my bag, I thought about how crazy that storm was last summer, and I wondered how bad it would be when I was shooting Jennifer & Antoni’s wedding. I carefully wrapped my gear in plastic, held in place with rubberbands and tape. I even found a clamp that would attach my umbrella to my bag and hold it open above my head, so I could shoot without having to hold it. Outside the rain thundered against my dining room windows. I gave my gear another once over. I was ready for the worst.

Well… thankfully, the worst never came. The severe weather passed to our south, and nary a raindrop fell on Jennifer, Antoni and I. And I am infinitely grateful.

Jennifer & Antoni are so lovely. I think we spent all day just laughing, and I love elopements like that. And these two knew how to work it in front of the camera, I have to say. They made my job so much fun and so easy. Jen & Antoni – thank you for being so awesome! Have a fabulous honeymoon!!





  1. Emilia Jane
    Jun 14, 2013

    Oh my gosh that second image!